• Best young social entrepreneurs gather for Inspiration Day in the Netherlands

    Best young social entrepreneurs gather for Inspiration Day in the Netherlands

    Gathered altogether, the fifty present pupils were full of pride. "Wow, we are among the best twenty teams of the Netherlands!" Of the more than 300 teams consisting of 1,100 students, they are among the top twenty. They came together on March 16 for Inspiration Day: an inspiring morning for these future social entrepreneurs, which they could continue to work together with mentors of NN Group on their idea for a social enterprise. 

  • Roman Frno

    Roman Frno

    I first heard of the Social Innovation Relay from our communication department. They presented the purpose of the events and stimulated participation very well. I immediately thought: “I would like to try to work with, guide and lead young people.”  I really enjoyed the students' proactive attitude and seeing how much effort they put into the development of their ideas.

  • Akiko Murayama

    Akiko Murayama

    I joined the Social Innovation Relay, because I wanted to make a contribution to an initiative that stimulates young people to be challenged in a way beyond the traditional curriculum. I also wanted to know how much high school students these days know about going business on the one hand and the current societal problems on the other hand. Their level of knowledge and caring for social issues amazed me.

  • Andreea Lica

    I decided to join SIR as a volunteer to get in touch with the new generation of students and find out how they would address some of the burning social issues. Furthermore, I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with them, helping and supporting them in the development of their innovative business ideas.

  • Éva Bagyánszki

    As a researcher I am interested in innovative, life-changing ideas. Joining SIR and helping young people in taking their ideas further forward, seemed like perfect plan for me. I am always looking to help people. In all, I was very happy that NN gave me the opportunity to join this great programme. I loved how creative and open minded these students were.

  • Szilvia Szarjas

    When I heard of SIR, I decided to volunteer because I like to take part in this kind of youth development programs. I believe that it is essential to involve secondary school in entrepreneurial activities. In addition, it is crucial they get some financial education too. The enthusiasm of the participants was truly inspiring.

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