"The opportunity to work with real experts from the business is extremely useful not only for our participation in SIR but also in our personal development and carrier orientation." – Student Bulgaria

"Participating in SIR was a unique and refreshing experience for us. The stiff competition from our fellow competitors and their path breaking innovations left us mesmerised and inspired. A huge thank you to SIR for channelling our potential in the right direction." – Student,India

"This experience has brought us closer together as a group. It has given us confidence in ourselves and on each other and we have realised we can go even further." – Student, Spain

"I believe that mentoring phase was the strong point of the SIR project, because the mentors helped us to really understand what it would mean putting our ideas into practice. NN volunteers also came with additional explanations for our arguments and solutions and helped us to clarify certain points. Social Innovation Relay was a team project and we were determined to focus on our work, be organized, clearly communicate and meet deadlines." – Student, Romania


"It is the first year that I am participating in SIR and I regret that I did not have the opportunity to work the previous year. I will definitely participate next year and I will try to engage more students." – Teacher, Bulgaria

"The SIR Challenge was new for us . The students have gained a great experience , was well organized, the guidance from Jong Ondernemen and NN was very fine. Next year we definitely participate again!" – Teacher, The Netherlands

"The webinar (SIR online case study) was an educational and interactive activity for the students, especially because it was the first online session they have taken part to. They were very enthusiastic and they followed with attention the presented materials and they were impressed by the examples of social innovators, because they are interested in the idea of creating a better world." – Teacher, Romania


“All volunteers are positively surprised and inspired by the meetings with the students and by the initiative itself.” – NN Volunteer, Bulgaria

"A very enriching experience. I have felt impacted by the numerous ideas students have, their use of IT, their engagement and enthusiasm." – NN Volunteer, Spain

"Promoting social entrepreneurship among high school students has the potential to shape a future generation actively involved in ensuring the welfare of society as a whole. We expect that students that are participating in this project will become entrepreneurs of their future and will be more receptive to messages transmitted by the society."  – NN Volunteer, Romania

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