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Global Finalists 2016

Winners: Oculus (Romania)

HearTheWorld (Bulgaria)
HearTheWorld developed an application that will help people with a hearing disability. The app will notify the users of the specificity of sounds in their immediate surrounding, such as approaching cars, fire alarms or knocks on the front door. Through the app, smartphones and tablets will function as ears to the world, helping the hearing impaired in everyday life.
 MAPLE (Czech Republic)
MAPLE Company emerged in order to provide dignified spaces for seniors to spend their free time. They found that there was a lack of physical and mental support for senior citizens in the Czech Republic. Their product RAZ SENIOR PARK is a complex yet flexible park construction model.
BeLIve from Greece created EXODUS, a software application that will help you when you are in need. By switching Exodus on, 10 individuals of your choice will receive an SOS message signalling them that you are in danger or in need of immediate assistance. The SOS message contains the geographical coordinates of your position at the time of using the application, so that the recipients can come to your aid and find you more quickly and precisely.
Show Your Voices (Hungary)
Show Your Voices from Hungary developed an application that will provide maximum use of sign language. The application allows the management and visualization of such a data base in which the users are able to retrieve and display the vocalization of embedded, standard texts or of the text on the screen, and to play the sentences recorded in the form of short video clips. All of this in real time.
Sunflower (Japan)
Sunflower from Japan brings together students, from both developed and developing countries, and countries through soap. Students from developed countries act as a bridge between students from developing countries and companies. They teach students how to make a soap out of local materials. The soap is then sold in the developed countries with (part of) the profit flowing back to the schools.
Oculus (Romania) - 2016 Winners
Oculus helps the visually impaired to become more independent in their movement. The Oculus device relays information on the distances to nearby objects and can offer alternative trajectories to the user. The device also contains an infrared sensor measuring the surface temperature of objects. The device will increase the safety and well-being of the visually impaired.
Intellias (Singapore)
Intellias developed an application to assist and support the elderly. The app establishes a support network of adults in the neighbourhood who are willing to help when required. The network will function as a back-up to relatives who live too far away to manage the day-to-day activities of their older family members. The network will both decrease social isolation and increase the general safety of the elderly.
ZEAL (Slovakia)
With the SensorChair ZEAL will help people gain proper sitting habits, by reducing back pains, lowered levels of concentration and other physical ailments such as disc degeneration. The product would mainly be used in an office environment.
Reckap (Spain)
With its innovative caps, Reckaps aims to relieve two social problems: skin cancer due to (over)exposure to solar radiation and reducing the greenhouse effect. These problems are addressed because the caps are made from recycled cloth from an awning fabric company. Each cap is creatively and uniquely designed.
FoodTogether (The Netherlands)
FoodTogether aims to bring together both the elderly and refugees, in order to enhance the social inclusion of these groups. The elderly will feel less alone and isolated, whereas the refugees will enhance their language skills as well as increasing their knowledge of local customs.

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