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Global Finalists 2017

 Winner: Singapore (Team Chaleur)

Alleviation is a programme which will diminish deaths caused by untimely medical assistance. The programme consists of a smart bracelet, mobile and computer application, medical drones and a network of volunteers. The bracelet monitors the four human vital signs and sends signals to the medical drones, the medical teams and a network of volunteers when the victim presses an SOS button or if the vital signs are out of range.
(Czech Republic)
Social game that would allow people to experience what it may be like to be blind. The game can be played mainly by the blind but also by the healthy children (adults), the two groups can participate simultaneously. A healthy person experiences the same feelings that a blind player has during the game.
Doukas Three
The social enterprise will be a call center where all the employess will be disabled people. They will work as assistants and workers in order to help people book their meetings with doctors, lawyers, therapists etc.
The team’s idea is an accessory (bracelet, ring etc.), that shows people if there is any drug in their drink.First it would come in a unisex format and then later there would be separate male and female models.Besides the product they would give informational lectures in schools about the product.
 Application is simple : One needs to pour a drop of the drink  onto  this accessory and it detects if there is any drug in it.
Free paper business to solve the problem of single mothers.
Flowerpots made of zeolite which clean the air in your house.
Steady Hertz
 (The Netherlands)
The idea of Steady Herz focuses on students in Special Education who are hearing impaired. They invented a noise cancelling headphone whereby the teacher will give their lesson using a microphone and this is only hearable by the student who is hearing impaired. The microphone and the headphone are connected by an app. Steady Herz makes regular education possible for students who are hearing impaired!
The device ‘’Greenlight’’ lights up the street while simultaneously removing carbon dioxide from the surrounding atmosphere. While the device is still essentially a street lamp, it uses city smog as a source of free fuel. The concept design essentially removes ambient carbon dioxide gas. The gas is then exposed to an alga compound, which is then mixed to water. The mixture converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, presumably by an organic process, that is then carried out by the algae.
Despite all the environmental advantages outlined, this sort of technology should not be looked at as a replacement for tree planting programs in communities. Instead it should be seen as an environmentally-friendly add-on to larger campaigns that are designed to clean up the air pollution.
INTuition is a question-and-answer platform  which provides free academic guidance to students.  This platform is  specifically  targeted  for students  and  relies on  the  goodwill and  passion  of  students  to pass  on  knowledge,  to  have  meaningful discussions  which enrich  their  academic  lives.  This  allows  for  students  to  excel  in  school  and  life regardless of their financial background.
Through the BECS website, teenagers will be able to obtain in just a click all the information about available scholarships, both nationally and internationally. According to the university, different careers that they wish to study will be revealed and other students’ reviews and course evaluations will be shown. 
BECS is very simple to use: students will only have to register on the web and answer some questions about their personal tastes and what are their future aspirations.
After answering this questions, students will have the information about the scholarships divided in 3 sections: by type of scholarships (academic, sports, languages, camps, etc.), university courses to study and by country.

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