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Global Finalists 2012

Winners: Emulsified Environmentalists (South Africa)

WW (Brazil)
A multiplier center for the installation of low-cost sustainable solar heaters in poor communities
Optimum (Bulgaria)
Power ship engines with hydrogen obtained through salt water processing.
Team Flower (China) - 2nd Place
A program that trains young volunteers to work with China’s elderly population to document their life stories and overcome loneliness
Dreamers (Egypt)
A line of products designed to make reading and learning more interesting.
Jeux Des Sets Familles (France)
Educational games to motivate students to learn by having fun.
The Innovators (India)
A program that integrates theater in teaching to reinforce practical lessons introduced in the classroom.
Synergy (Kenya)
Daladala Tracker, a mobile application that indicates the nearest available public transport options.
LOT – Leads of Teens (Romania)
E-Progress, a program that facilitates meetings between youths and those at risk of discrimination in order to raise awareness.
Ideja (Russia)
Using VOIP software to connect students around the world and facilitate their study of foreign languages
Team Egalite (Slovakia) - 3rd Place
“Kick out the difference”, an educational DVD designed to raise awareness around migration issues.
Team Emulsified Environmentalists (South Africa) - 2012 Winners
A solar-powered lamp made from recycled materials to help bring electricity to poor people and to reduce the use of paraffin lamps, which are bad for the environment.
Alpha Enterprise (United Kingdom)
GloGos, safety product designed to enhance visibility of cyclists when indicating a change of direction in the dark.
Team Awesome (United States)
AquaGen, a turbine generator that is attached to rain gutters and uses run-off rain water to generate electricity.

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