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Global Finalists 2015

Winners: Catalysts for Change (Singapore)

SeeTech (Bulgaria)
EyeSmart is a multi-functional device that can change the life of the blind person. The device functions via the mechanism of the smartphone and its main function will be to be a navigator with additional practical functions and applications.
The Branch of Truth (China) - 2nd place (tied)
Future Tree is an air cleaner which looks like a tree. The inside of the Future tree is air purification system and the engine is solar energy driven. This product can be placed on the street, on your balcony, and in your garden, etc. It offers a solution to air pollution in the developing countries.
Innovative Inventors (India)
They have come up with a product called a “Mind Reading Trendy E-Cart.” This cart as it’s been named, can detect what items are placed in it, match those to a shopping list and even follow shoppers around the store on its own. This Smart Cart uses a Kinect motion-sensor technology synced with a Windows 8 tablet to control its motion, but with one key difference. Instead of having someone actively directing where the device moves, the cart monitors the user and follows them like a lost puppy as they move about the store and pick out their items. The cart can also track the items placed in it by scanning their bar codes, match them to a pre-made shopping list, and give the total cost of all the items in the basket.
Buddy Apps (Romania) - 2nd Place (tied)
Free Mobile application providing guidance and advice through an innovative and user-friendly interface created based on professional psychological practices.
The team aims to lead the users to change their perceptions and behavior using quotes, motivational challenges and images provided by Best Buddy and tailored to each user profile. The application will be built with the help of psychologists and can be installed free by any smartphone owner
Catalysts for Change (Singapore) - 2015 Winners
HopJob is an innovative job-matching service that aims to promote social inclusion and livelihood development (within the community). It does this thorugh tackling search unemployment problems such as imperfect knowledge and skills mismatch. HopJob returns 40% of it's revenue to employees in the form of free skill-upgrading skills.
Empathy Site (Spain)
A global platforms that aims to help students arriving from other countries with the help of people already living in the country. The work of the project will be carried out by committed young students that deals with the personal experiences of these young people and provides coverage to one of the most important problems of present day society (integration of young immigrants).
Young & Old Strong Together (The Netherlands)
Creating a solution for two existing problems; Elderly feeling lonely and students not having a place to live. Students who are looking for accommodation move in with an elder. This is a solution for both sides: Students help the elderly and the elderly help students. The rent is lower and in exchange the students help with different chores in the house. The elderly will not be as lonely anymore since they have someone living with them.

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