By Stamou Argyro, Customer Care Department Representative, NN Hellas, Greece 

It is so important for new generations to learn to develop a range of skills that will help them be innovative as well as socially responsible.

Since there is a big distance between education and business, it is essential to raise young people’s awareness on foster entrepreneurship, which will help them to succeed in the global economy.For that reason, they need to “discover” and equip themselves with special skills, so as to enterprise considering success as well as social involvement. Additionally, working in groups and under the guidance of business volunteers, they can create their own enterprise and thus, understand how a company operates. 
Entrepreneurship skills equip young people to take initiatives, act with responsibility and work in a team, in order to manage themselves to deal successfully with modern workforce and economy. They can consequently be able to generate business ideas, evaluate them and turn them into action, as well as interacting and communicating with other people. By gaining those skills they can identify effective business strategies that generate profit and thus, minimizing the possibility of their future unemployment.
Throughout the whole experience, I was impressed by seeing students to try to understand which problem had a greater impact on our society, make questions and ask advice in developing their ideas. Also they discover that a JA project can be an opportunity of making friends, communicating with business mentors and other people and also win a special award.

It was really satisfying to inspire young students to do something different from their daily routine, relating with their future challenges. For a day, I became a student again, remembered my own education questioning when I was a student, and by answering the students’ questions I instantly answer my own initial questioning. It was a great experience!
By inspiring students to see seriously their employment future you can experience great satisfaction and you feel you contribute to a less future unemployment of young people. You, also feel you increase the pool of potential successful entrepreneurs by just providing them access to a wider form of education. Also, being at a classroom again after years it is quite touching and motivating as well.

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