Join us by inspiring the next generation of social innovators! 

Get involved as a volunteer by choosing one of the following roles:

  • Schools outreach/ Case study facilitation

The case study introduces students to the concept of Social Innovation. This activity is led by Business Volunteers, and it’s virtual or classroom based.

If you are a volunteer that is involved in the case study activity, please register on the platform, and select this role for your profile. The timelines of the case study implementation needs to be discussed and agreed with the JA National Coordinator. The registration as a Case Study Facilitator doesn’t need further approval by the JA National Coordinator.

  • E-mentor for national/international teams

The E-mentor role is to guide the teams that make it to the Top 20 teams in the competition. At this moment in the competition students work within their team to further develop their social innovation into a concept paper. The concept paper includes more specific details of their idea, concrete information regarding the target market, the social impact, the financials, the expected results, etc. The concept paper will be available on the platform for the Top 20 teams.

  • E-judge

The E-judges are the volunteers involved in the final phase of the competition at a national level. Your role is divided in parts: first you need to evaluate the concept paper of the Top 20 teams, based on which the Top 10 will be identified automatically by the platform; the Top 10 teams will be invited to participate in the National Final, where you will be again a judge.



Thank you for volunteering!

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