• Team "Amos" wins national final of SIR in Japan

    17 February 2019

    The National Final of Social Innovation Relay in Japan took place on 17 February. The winning team "Amos" will represent Japan at the SIR Global Online Final organised by JA Europe on June 29, 2019. The student social enterprise project wants to solve the problem of lonely death in Japan with an application that takes advantage of AI. Elderly isolation being a very important issue in Japan.

  • Social Innovation Relay Road Show by JA Hungary

    06 February 2017

    This school year, JA Hungary has taken a new approach to raising awareness of social entrepreneurship among Hungarian students and teachers. Through the Social Entrepreneurship Roadshow events, students not only meet successful Hungarian social entrepreneurs but also take part in a creative idea generation process with JA Hungary staff members.

  • Opening young Dutch minds to social innovation

    17 January 2017

    On one early morning in November of 2016, Jong Ondernemen (JO) in the Netherlands hit the highway and made their way to Veluws College Walterbosch in Apeldoorn. Their mission was to deliver a lesson under the programme of Social Innovation Relay (SIR) to students aged 15 to 18 (fourth graders). 101 students from three classes benefited from the lesson.

  • NN Group and Junior Achievement Europe - A look back at 2016

    10 January 2017

    At NN Group, part of being a good corporate citizen means we use our resources, expertise, and reach to help society achieve long-term, sustainable prosperity. As part of our Community Investment programme Future Matters, we collaborate with various charitable partners such as Junior Achievement Europe (JA Europe).

  • Solving real problems: how to inspire young social entrepreneurs

    11 September 2014

    Besides a lot of creative energy, young people bring valuable skills to the table – particularly digital and social networking capabilities. This can be great boon to any growing enterprise. But only a small proportion of high school students around the world have access to entrepreneurship education, let alone education in social entrepreneurship. When young people finish school, they should be more aware of entrepreneurship as a career opportunity and they should know what steps to take if they want to start a business.

  • JA-YE Alumni Europe conference in Tallinn gathers more than 100 young entrepreneurs

    27 August 2013

    110 young entrepreneurial people from more than 25 countries gathered in Tallinn, Estonia between 21 and 25 August to participate in the JA-YE Alumni Europe international conference to improve their leadership skills and exchange knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs from all over the world by listening to inspiring lectures and workshops given by professionals from Microsoft, HP and Swedbank.

  • Social Innovation Relay Competition

    02 July 2013

    The «Social Innovation Relay» competition is the largest global educational initiative. This worldwide, interactive, web-based competition challenges young students, ages 15 through 19, to think like social innovators and develop ideas to help solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. The organization “Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise Europe” is the lead agency in implementing entrepreneurship programmes in education across Europe. The programme provides students with respective skills and business experience meeting in this way the requirements of the modern labor market. This is accomplished through determination and ability to solve problems, teamwork, as well as skills which, as reported by the majority of participants, have improved and developed through their participation in the competition.

  • The Power of Technology in Social Innovation Technology

    02 May 2013

    A cross-sector initiative aims to develop 21st-century skills in secondary school students—highlights from a recent survey. A few months ago, in my Stanford Social Innovation Review article “Business and Education: Powerful Social Innovation Partners,” I argued that fostering entrepreneurship education and social innovation skills in schools improves youth employment prospects.

  • Social Innovation Relay Evaluation Report

    10 April 2013

    JA-YE Europe commissioned CEI to undertake the tracking and evaluation of student experiences of the Social Innovation Relay (SIR) programme in 13 countries. The SIR programme is aimed at encouraging students ages 15-18 to work in teams using an online competition platform. Their challenge is to develop new strategies and concepts to address social need or challenge.

  • Nurturing a Culture for Social Contribution Through Entrepreneurship Eucation

    05 April 2013

    Social enterprises are a growing sector and employ large numbers of people. Social entrepreneurs provide enterprising solutions for challenging social issues, yet the sustainability of social enterprises requires, like any business, sound management, entrepreneurial skills and business acumen. This area of endeavor offers a lot of opportunities to young people but they have little real awareness of what social entrepreneurship is even though they are generally very interested in the issues.

  • Business & Education: Powerful Social Innovation Partners

    27 August 2012

    Fostering entrepreneurship education and social innovation skills in schools improves youth employment prospects. Since the global economic recession began in 2008, countless headlines have warned that the younger generation—those just leaving school and looking for their first real work experience—will be the hardest hit. This is certainly true in the short term, as lack of job options force students to take jobs below their skill levels. But there are also long-term repercussions, as an early period of joblessness can affect a person’s earnings and employability for life.

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